A new coin: a symbol of sustainable development and renewable energy in Algeria

The Bank of Algeria issued a new coin that reflects the country's commitment to sustainable development, as the theme of the coin revolves around renewable energy. The design of the piece features the sun, sand dunes, wind generators and photovoltaic panels as symbols of future energy.

The coin comes in a steel gray colour, with a representation of the three Hijri, Gregorian and Amazigh dates printed on the top of the coin. The reverse side of the piece includes the number “10” stylized, with markings in full letters and in the national language, bearing the phrase “Bank of Algeria” at the top and “Dinar” at the bottom, and a star horizontally separating the number 10 from the name of the bank.

This coin is a living embodiment of Algeria's commitment to achieving sustainable development and using renewable energy as an essential element in developing a promising future.

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